Who We Are

Koydol is passionate about flooring and is proud of being part of teams that create stunning designs.  Whether you’re an architect, contractor, designer or specifier, we can speak your language. We market sensational, durable, and sustainable flooring products to the commercial building industry .

In addition to possessing professional know-how, Koydol constantly strives to keep informed. We do this a number of ways:

We watch the flooring and building industry carefully and seek out the latest materials, designs and technologies, both domestically and internationally. We then introduce those products to our industry associates. In doing so, Koydol often brings an awareness of unique and sophisticated materials to our clients.

We partner with leading international manufacturers who fabricate the latest innovations in flooring. We send our own staff to these factories that produce the building products to inspect and verify that they meet Koydol’s high quality standards.

After we certify an order, Koydol’s staff oversees the production process working closely with the factory to minimize potential errors.  Then we monitor it all the way to delivery.

So, while our activities are global, our focus is always local, enabling us to offer our customers value and efficiency.  It’s all part of Koydol’s business philosophy: Design Globally--Build Locally.

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