Koydol installs education, hospitality, and healthcare projects with the end user, and long-term performance demands, in mind.

The variety of flooring needs and requirements falling within the area of education are quite extensive. Outfitting classrooms, entries, auditoriums, cafeterias, recreational spaces, and even the restrooms means your floors are widespread and your installation choices are critical for success.

We will professionally install flooring on entranceways, hotel lobbies, hospitality common areas, corridors, and guestrooms. We track the latest trends, working in coordination with leading and specialty manufacturers nationwide to help you select the greatest-value flooring solutions for your design vision.

We’re experienced and have the knowledge to meet the strict regulatory requirements of both public and private healthcare facilities. From infection control protocols during installation to sterile environment standards, strict door-gap requirements and everything in between, we’ll ensure your project adheres to all regulations.